Monday, September 12, 2005

What I'm working on...

This is the current project... by no means is it finished. A few things that my Pop sent from China, where he currently lives... I actually started this one a few months ago and had been working on it here and there... now, I really want to finish it, so I am back to working on it. I'm having some 'technical difficulties' and feel a bit stuck as to how to proceed?? Not sure what to do with the plates and the tassles on the ornaments have been a real headache to me... I think I've painted over them at least three times! But, this one is 'sittin' on me and I'm compelled to finish it before I move on to another project. I have WAY too many 'almost done' and 'halfway through' projects laying around, making clutter. So, I guess I'm cleaning up a bit by trying to actually FINISH a few things. The photo is pretty accurate, maybe slightly dark... any suggestions?
The blue plates, by the way, are pretty groovy...the yellow deisgn (dragons and stuff), is actually a wire 'sculpture' that sits upon the plate, I am guessing it's fired on?... it's stacked, twisted, and sculpted WIRE and then covered with gold leaf (gold foil).
I'll post an updated picture of the painting when (and if) it's (ever) completed!


jayson said...


When I first saw the plates I thought is this Dali!

I think the painting is finished from a composition standpoint-maybe just clean up the lines a bit and curvature of the plates. Maybe use a compass or template of a circle and oval. The more perfect the lines of the stationary objects-lends the surreal aspects of the painting to drip off the canvas. Jayson

MOM said...

Cut off the "dead" area at the bottom of the painting, still allowing the "drip off" Jason mentions. Define and sharpen the edges of the jewelery boxes and the plate and plate holder. It's so vibrant and sharp, these definitions need to be cleaned up otherwise.

This is SO EXCELLENT! I really want to be creative like you....give me another chance at creativity, God.