Wednesday, September 28, 2005

a new beginning

This is what I am starting on this week... this will be the first one in a series. I am kind of dragging the process out while waiting for a delivery from Pearl Paint...
I'm not really liking any of the oranges (color) that I have mixed and I ordered a pre-mixed orange along with a buncha other stuffs ... hopefully the orange will be cool!
This is acrylic again... and I busted open the Liquitex Slow-Dri blending gel medium, and so far so good, minimal experimentation ... it seems to dry slower but, not a WHOLE WHOLE lot, maybe if I lived somewhere more humid? It definitely seems to thicken the paint, it's kinda clingy...we'll see.


Greg said...
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greg said...

Scratch that prior link. This is the one I am referring to:


Anonymous said...

try using wet news paper and cover the painting or mix the media in a thicker paint.