Monday, September 26, 2005

The end of one

It probably looks very much the same as the first picture posted of this but.... I slightly darkened the background, I darkened the inside of the open box, finished the designs on the plates and cleaned up the circles (yes, they were a bit off!), and re-worked the ornaments and tassels... (which was the 3rd, 4th, 5th time? reworking the dang tassels). I took the photo and then did an acrylic gloss varnish.
I have a hard time knowing when something is done or when to stop but, I was reading an article in American Artist this month (maybe their "still life" edition?) where someone said that theyknew were done when there was nothing more that they could think of to do to improve their painting. Something along those lines. Duh, right? But, this is very good advise for me... the key for me being, there is nothing more that I can do, to improve it... there may be much that someone else could do to improve it but, that's it for me.... I am done. Ta da!!!
Now how about some title suggestions???

"yet to be titled"
Acrylic on Canvas

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