Wednesday, September 21, 2005

tribute to a young artist

This excellent piece of artwork was done by my very good friend Zoe! This budding artist is only in 4th grade! She drew it after one of my own paintings that her parents bought at a show several years ago, which not only impresses me but, flatters as well!

It's a great practice for artists to interpret other artists work and I love the way Zoe has taken what is a very minimalist painting and totally jazzed it up with all the swirls and squigglies in the background, making it a much more lively and vibrant image!

Here is a snapshot of mine, from the Iowa Press-Citizen (dec. '01). Pretty grainy but, you get the idea...Notice how Zoe has fashioned a different style of shoe altogether!!
Thanks Zoe, I love it, it ROCKS !!!

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