Wednesday, April 08, 2015


I have a large and mostly dusty stack of art books that I have accumulated over the years and most of those books have challenges, suggestions, techniques, how to's and exercises.  My intention is to go through them, one by one in order.

I am starting with "One Painting a Day" by Timothy Callaghan (in my case, it'll most likely be "one painting at a time", as one a day is more ambitious than this realist can imagine).  I bought this particular book last year and did the Day One painting, LINE, and then it disappeared under a stack of fiction on the nightstand.  A couple of days ago I pulled it from the bottom of the stack and painted the Day Two painting, VALUE and today (Day Three) was Color... assemble a still life with objects of the same color.  Here they are in order and I hope to have more soon!

#1 Line:
#2 Value:
#3 Color:

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