Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to the comfort zone

I like painting things that turn out just as I've planned, no "happy accidents". It's comforting to sit and think "that would be a cool painting" and then do it, knowing it will turn out the way I wanted it to. Many years and hours and broken pencils lead me here. And I know there is still a long way to go, things to learn, techniques to master, so that my art will grow as my style or imagination grows or takes a different turn. But, I've been at the beginning and it's very frustrating to have the vision without the skill. It takes time and it is worth it if you love it.
If this is a bad thing for an artist, then I am surprised there are so many courses and workshops, college programs and lectures, how-to's and instructional books out there. Isn't this what we want? To work hard to achieve the skill needed to execute a project in the style we want? What's wrong with the comfort zone? It's so rare we get to be in it. I savor it when I can.


Rosie said...

Makes perfect sense to me! I love it when you realise what's in your head... and that is a beautiful piece of work - love the blues in your backdrop.

Kelly said...


Laura Scarlett said...

Yes I get your point. I think it works both ways depending on how you like to work as an artist. In this painting I really like the way you've captured the colour and shine in the fruit on the left. Wonderful.