Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The theme for "Inspire Me Thursday" this week is "square"...coincidentally, squares are all around me. The vast majority of my recent paintings, for the past couple of years, have all been square. Most of them 12x12. I really love this size and I am definitely not done with it yet. The three "squares" above are three thick frames in my dining room that normally hold three of these paintings but, I took them out last weekend to wire them up for an upcoming art fest and the sad empty frames were just sitting there. The theme this week inspired me to temporarily dec these out... even if it's just a little while, it was looking pretty sad. So, I used some scraps from some artworks that my husband, daughter and I have been working on this week (and some of my daughters plastic animals). I wonder how long until she notices and if I have to give 'em back?
I also just realized that you don't have to really wait until THURSDAY to post for IMT! I still wonder how alot of people seem to get their homework done so early!!!


Patricia J. Mosca said...

There is something about the starkness of these empty frames that is appealing to me...perhaps it is the plastic animals!! LOL...Good luck at the upcoming art fest!

megan said...

I'm with Pattie...the little plastic animals are PERFECT. Do not give them back!

platinum blonde said...

love the top one!!!

~Gina said...

I agree with the others who posted. Love the starkness and the plastic animals. Good idea!


navylane said...

i love the plastic animals, too! hopefully your little girl doesn't notice for a bit longer, they seem to like their new home :)

yes, it's Thursday when the new topics go up, but you can post any day for IMT... Thanks for participating at Inspire Me Thursday!