Tuesday, January 24, 2006

stage 2 and stage 3...

In this first picture, I primarily worked on the hair (darkened darks, lightened lights and then used a transparent wash of yellow ochre over all the hair), and I mixed a medium grey for the shadow areas on the face and white for the highlights and used some watered down crimson for the "red" areas on the face... I then used a light grey wash over all the face.

In the second picture, I used various strength pink washes from Titanium White and Crimson for the socks, sweater and low-lights in the pillow, a light wash of cobalt on the jeans... I darkened in the eye area with the blue, (just for shape) and did a couple of light washes with a flesh tone made from cadium yellow, raw sienna, crimson and white on the face.

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